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Martin Boulter

Professional Wargames Figure Painter

The Silures, a  Celtic tribe of South Wales, who were described by the Roman historian Tacitus as warlike by nature and valiant in battle (Tacitus, Agricola, 17).


The Silures showing their defiance to the invaders during Roman attacks on Wales AD 50. Figures by Wargames Foundry. Painted by Silurian.

I'm a UK based professional wargames figure painter with over 20 years of experience in painting miniatures in 15, 20 and 28mm scale. All uniform details are thoroughly researched and I have an extensive library of history and men at arms books covering most periods. Figures are painted to a very high standard using acrylic colours and finished with a matt varnish. Please take a look at my gallery to see the standard of painting you will receive.

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