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Clash of Empires

The Biblical Conquest Game


By using innovative game mechanics and a quick battle system Clash of Empires enables the player to make extensive use of tactics and strategies to out-wit and out-manoeuvre rival powers and thereby control the destiny of an ancient empire. The objective of the game is for 2 or more players to compete against each other using guile and strength of arms to increase their wealth and prestige and ultimately gain control of the Biblical World. They can do this by raising armies and fleets of ships, advancing their economies, and conquering new territories, while at the same time having to react to various favourable or unfavourable events. Clash of Empires is designed as a stand-alone strategy game but can also be used as a campaign setting for wargames set during the Biblical period.

Background to the Biblical World

In the Near East, during the last three centuries of the Bronze Age, three great civilizations arise. These are the imperialistic Hittites of Hatti to the north, Egypt, a military state and land of the pharaohs, to the south and the expanding state of Assyria, a dynamic and ruthless military power, in the east. They all share a common desire to control the Levant to dominate and exploit the economic resources and trade of the region. In addition to contending for control of this vitally strategic region these chariot-using warrior societies struggle to suppress the numerous nomadic tribes and bands of Sea Peoples marauders who pose a threat to law and order. Meanwhile, in the Aegean the warlike Mycenaeans have recently taken over the powerful maritime state of Crete and now look set to launch a major military expedition against western Anatolia (the Trojan War). Thus, the scene is set for an epic Clash of Empires.

The Clash of Empires Battle System


The Clash of Empires Battle System can be encapsulated as follows: Each domain has its own Battle Dice which can be used to activate a special bonus. This is then supplemented by the Combat Rating of each army type which, dependent upon the number of units, converts into a Fighting Bonus. This represents the core of the Clash of Empires Battle System.


For 2-5 players 12 to Adult. (Can also be played solo)


A1 sized Quad-Fold Game Board showing a map of the Biblical World.

Rule Book.  As well as the rules this includes plenty of background information for those who wish to immerse themselves in this fascinating period.

96 plastic counters representing 8 armies in different colours.

50 blank poker chips in various colours to denote number of army/navy units.

1x4 sided die, 6x6 sided dice, 2x8 sided dice and 2x10 sided dice.

Pack of Egyptian themed Playing Cards. Clash of Empires uses a playing card based economic and random event generating system.

Plus, x2 free randomly selected superbly painted 20mm metal gaming figures.

Everything you need to play Clash of Empires is included with this set except a pen and paper for working out troop points.

Price: £27.99 (Free UK Delivery by Royal Mail Second Class Signed For)

Europe Postage: £12.00 (Royal Mail International Tracked)

Rest of World: £25.00 (Royal Mail International Tracked)

Returns: If not entirely satisfied with this product please return within 30 days for a full refund minus return postage.

Now available to compliment this game is a range of superbly painted 20mm metal gaming figures as shown below. These figures can be used as main armies and will enhance the visual aspect of the game and thereby increase the enjoyment of your gaming experience. This range of figures can be used to represent main armies or collected to complete a full set for each Biblical domain. Each figure is finely cast by Irregular Miniatures and superbly painted by Silurian to represent a warrior of the Biblical age. Painted figures cost £2.50 per piece exclusive of postage.


From left to right: Mycenaean, Cypriot, Hittite, Assyrian, Elamite, Egyptian, Levantine and tribal warrior

How To Order


As this is not a shopping cart website, simply email me with your order. Tell me your address, and how you’d like to pay (i.e., paypal, cheque or postal order). I can send a paypal invoice if required. (Paypal only from overseas customers). Make cheques payable to Silurian Wargames Ltd. Please note that figures are painted to order so please allow 14 days for despatch.


Coming Soon!


Clash of Empires

The Hellenistic World


Clash of Empires: The Hellenistic World uses the same game mechanics and battle system as the Biblical version but now enables the players to compete for control of the Hellenistic world which in the wake of Alexander the Great and the Macedonian epic provides fertile ground for the emergence of new kingdoms and empires. In this formative period warfare is now defined by 4 main fighting techniques which provide the core of the combat system for this set of rules. These are the Persian Sparabara, Greek Hoplite Phalanx, Macedonian Phalanx and Roman Legion. As with the Biblical version, Clash of Empires: The Hellenistic World is designed as a stand-alone strategy game but can also be used as a campaign setting for wargames set during the Classical era.


Background to the Hellenistic World


After the collapse of many of the old civilizations, Elam, Hatti and Assyria, the Persians rose to prominence in the ancient Near East and by 500 BC held sway over the entire region, including Egypt. In the Aegean, the Mycenaean civilization was replaced by that of the Greeks with the city-state and the practice of democracy at its centre. These in turn eventually became subordinate to the imperialistic ambition of Alexander the Great of Macedonia, a military genius, who conquered Persia and laid the foundations to the Hellenistic World. After Alexander’s death his empire was divided into 3 warring segments – Antigonid Macedonia, Seleucid Persia, and Ptolemaic Egypt. Meanwhile, in the western Mediterranean Carthage became a major sea power, but its supremacy was soon to be challenged by the expanding power of Rome. Last but not least, on the fringe of these contentious empires numerous formidable peoples such as the Celts and the Parthians apply continuous pressure and pose a threat to the stability of civilization. Thus, the scene is set for an epic Clash of Empires in the Hellenistic World and the Punic Wars. 

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